Where Are You Headed?

     Just like I love to hear reports from DNR Officers I love to hear from BWCA wilderness rangers. Boy do they have a great workplace!  Wilderness lakes and quiet campsites make for a wonderful office.  Almost as lucky as a professional athlete these folks get to paddle the wilderness lakes for a living. There’s a downside to the job like having to deal with people who may not follow the rules or shoveling a latrine but overall I think it would be great.  

     Wilderness rangers make sure portages and campsites are in proper condition for visitors. Here’s what they had to say after they came off of the water on May 17th.  

  We traveled into Snipe, Copper and the route from Brant to Green Lake. You will  want to mention to visitors that there is a large (4 foot thick in places and 20 foot wide) glacier on the portage from Round to Missing Link.  You can walk to the side of it and sometimes on it but you’ll have to take the canoe off for sure!  I have a feeling this ice will be around for quite some time.  Also, the portage from Round to West Round is flooded.  When traveling from east to west simply walk the portage until you see that it’s underwater and get in your canoe and continue paddling west until you pop out onto West Round.  You actually shave about 60 rods off the portage!

     Things like this are good to know and we wouldn’t know about them if it weren’t for the efforts of the wilderness rangers.  THANKS!