When One Can’t Paddle One Dreams

I guess it’s what you do when you live in a place where places to paddle are frozen half of the year, you dream about paddling.  Cold winter nights are spent around a fire in the wood stove exploring places to paddle with a computer on my lap. There are so many places I want to visit and paddle and some day I hope to paddle at least 1/3 of them. From the Zambezi River to the Crystal River in Florida and a paddle anywhere in Alaska there are so many places to paddle and such little time to do it in.

When we used to travel as a family I loved to pick up brochures at rest stops.  I would page through them looking at the pretty pictures and imagine myself in them. It’s much better now days with videos, photos on the web and maps. And when it’s all combined?  WOW! Check this out, it’s amazing.

Thank you Google Maps and American Rivers.

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