What Would John Muir Do?

Remember those bracelets that were popular some time ago? They had the letters, “WWJD” stamped out of the rubber? I do and that’s how I came up with the title of today’s blog. I don’t even know that much about John Muir but I watched a cute claymation about him and wanted to share it and I also wanted to talk about our recent bear visits hence the title, “What Would John Muir Do?”

Last night I saw the bear in the back of our pick-up truck looking for garbage. I yelled at him and he ran away but he had plenty of time prior to that to make a big mess, again. The bears are hungry right now and they are too lazy to forage for food when we make it so easy for them to have an easy big meal.  The berries are still a few weeks from being ripe so I don’t think last night will be the last visit by the bear.

While I was picking up garbage, ripping open bags of trash to find things that could be recycled so I could make more room in the dumpster the bear returned again and again. Each time he ran away but he didn’t wait too long to return. I was able to sort out enough plastic, glass & cardboard out of our dumpster(not without getting my hands dirty) to fit all of the garbage into the dumpster. It’s always a satisfying feeling to make room for more garbage by jumping up and down on a piece of cardboard placed on top of the bags of garbage(think human trash compactor). The bear could no longer get at any garbage anywhere near the dumpster.

The bear did what any smart bear would do and searched for more easy meals. Luckily he didn’t find much but that didn’t prevent him from tipping over all of the garbages on the Voyageur property. I sometimes wish I could just leave food out for the bears in one location so they wouldn’t get into garbage everywhere else. But then what would I do with my free time on a Tuesday evening?

Information about the guy who made the video can be found online.


WWJMD? “I must go now, the garbage is calling.”

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