What Doesn’t Belong?

     You know that challenge where you look at a picture and try to determine which of the items doesn’t belong with all of the rest?  Well, I play that game when I’m out in the canoe country wilderness sometimes.

     I like to visit BWCA and Quetico Park campsites when I’m out on canoe camping trips. Some campsites are nicer than others and at some campsites I find peculiar things. 

     One time when I was checking out a campsite on Saganaga Lake in the BWCA I found a nerf gun, nerf ammunition and dental hygeine accesories scattered around the site.  Another time on another BWCA lake I found an entire yard o beef tossed into the woods.  On Hook Island on the Canadian Side of Saganaga Lake I found a shovel and a container of Vaseline and on an island on Saganaga I found a case of Bud Light Lime beer!

     I was pretty suprised when I hiked up to a campsite on Saganagons Lake and found a camp chair secured to a tree. It provided a nice place to rest and have lunch but I wish the person who left it there would have taken it back home with them.

     I rather like the saying, "If you pack it in, then pack it out." "Leave no trace" is a policy I like to have people visiting the canoe country respect.  With that said I must admit finding a case of beer at a wilderness campsite was a rare treat!

quetico camp chair                 quetico park campsite

quetico camp chair