What a Difference a Week Makes

     Last Saturday the kids were wearing bikinis and splashing in the river, today there is snow on the deck. It’s Minnesota so the change could have happened overnight but it took the week.

     The temperature has been dropping steadily and last night it got down to 32 degrees. Yesterday as I drove the Gunflint Trail rain turned into snow and flurries fell from the sky. None of the snow is sticking to the ground yet but it’s only a matter of time.

     Mike is taking a quick canoe trip this weekend. I normally would say I wish I was the one going but I’m not too excited about the forecast calling for a low of 21 degrees and a high of 42 degrees. I think I’ll sit this one out happily.

     I’m sure there will be another weekend yet this month that will look more favorable for a canoe trip. I’ll keep my fingers crossed and until then I’ll spend the days hiking in the woods and nights warming up by the fireplace.