Welcome Rain Douses Pagami Creek Fire

     Rain on Sunday and Tuesday helped firefighters contain a portion of the Pagami Creek Fire in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness.  Overhead crews dumped water while firefighters worked on the ground to secure a perimeter around the fire. 

      Fire officials are optimistic about their ability to keep the fire from spreading outside of the current perimiter.  It would take days of warm, dry weather to bring the flames back from the burned area.  More rain is forecasted for today and yesterday almost a quarter of an inch was received on the Gunflint Trail.

     Thanks to Mother Nature and the firefighters all of the entry points into the BWCA from the Gunflint Trail are open once again.  There are some areas where overnight camping is restricted and closer to the burn area where travel is not permitted. You can call the USFS or an area outfitter to confirm travel areas or use the information below to determine if the route you want to do is allowed.

Pagami Creek Fire BWCA


1.    BWCAW CAMPSITE CLOSURE: It is prohibited to be upon BWCAW campsites and areas which are closed. 36 CFR 261.53 (e) Special Closures, Public Health or Safety.
2.    AFFECTED AREA: All campsites/ areas/ entry points of the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness.
These entry points will be OPEN as of Tuesday, September 20th.
·       Entry Point 1 Trout Lake
·       Entry Point 4 Crab Lake and Cummings
·       Entry Point 6 Slim Lake
·       Entry Point 7 From Big Lake
·       Entry Point 8 Moose River South
·       Entry Point 9 Little Indian Sioux River South
·       Entry Point 10 Norway Trail
·       Entry Point 11 Blandin Trail
·       Entry Point 12 Little Vermillion Lake
·       Entry Point 12A Lac LaCroix
·       Entry Point 13 Herriman Lake Trail
·       Entry Point 14 Little Indian Sioux River North
·       Entry Point 15 Sioux Hustler Trail
·       Entry Point 16 Moose/ Portage River North of Echo Trail
·       Entry Point 19 Stuart River
·       Entry Point 20 Angleworm Lake
·       Entry Point 22 Mudro Lake Restricted
·       Entry Point 23 Mudro Lake
·       Entry Point 25 Moose Lake Chain (Travel allowed only up the chain and to the west)
·       Entry Point 26 Wood Lake
·       Entry Point 31 Farm Lake (Travel only on Farm Lake not beyond)
·       Entry Point 38 Sawbill Lake (No travel will be allowed west of Sawbill Lake)
·       Entry Point 39 Baker Lake
·       Entry Point 40 Homer Lake
·       Entry Point 41 Brule Lake
·       Entry Point 42 Brule Lake ONLY
·       Entry Point 43 Bower Trout Lake
·       Entry Point 44 Ram Lake
·       Entry Point 45 Morgan Lake
·       Entry Point 47 Lizz and Swamp Lakes
·       Entry Point 48 Meeds Lake
·       Entry Point 49 Skipper and Portage Lakes
·       Entry Point 50 Cross Bay Lake with Restrictions*
·       Entry Point 51 Missing Link Lake with Restrictions*
·       Entry Point 52 Brant Lake with Restrictions*
·       Entry Point 54 Seagull Lake with Restrictions**
·       Entry Point 54A Seagull Lake ONLY
·       Entry Point 55 Saganaga Lake with Restrictions**
·       Entry Point 55A Saganaga Lake ONLY
·       Entry Point 57 Magnetic Lake
·       Entry Point 58 South Lake
·       Entry Point 59 Partridge Lake/ South Lake Trail
·       Entry Point 60 Duncan Lake
·       Entry Point 61 Daniels Lake
·       Entry Point 62 Clearwater Lake
·       Entry Point 64 East Bearskin Lake
·       Entry Point 66 Crocodile River
·       Entry Point 68 Pine Lake
·       Entry Point 69 John Lake
·       Entry Point 70 North Fowl Lake
·       Entry Point 71 From Canada with Restrictions***
·       Entry Point 77 South Hegman Lake
·       Entry Point 78 Brule Lake Trail
·       Entry Point 79 Eagle Mountain Trail
·       Entry Point 80 Larch Creek
·       Entry Point 81 Border Route Trail (West)
·       Entry Point 82 Border Route Trail (Central)
·       Entry Point 83 Border Route Trail (East)
These travel routes will be OPEN as of Tuesday, September 20th.
·       Travel Zone 401- Clove Lake, Devils Elbow Lake, Ernest Lake, Gneiss lake, Granite Lake, Kerfoot Lakes (East, North, West), Larch Lake (Creek), Magnetic Lake, Marabaeuf Lake, Prayer Lake, Reward Lake, Shadow Lake, Tepee Lake
·       Travel Zone 391- Plume Lake, Swamp Lake, Saganaga Lake, Zephyr Lake, Gulf Lake, Hivernant Lake, Lone Lake, Morris Lake, Party Lake, Red Rock Lake, Romance Lake, Roy Lake, Tenor Lake
·       Travel Zone 312- Ashdick Lake, Bullfrog Lake, Chaco Lake, Clam Lake, Cup Lake, Ester Lake, Faith Lake, Fish Lake, Gift Lake, Hanson Lake, Link Lake, Midas Lake, Nawakwa Lake, Pitfall Lake, Totem Lake, Redpoll Lake
·       Travel Zone 381- Alpine Lake
·       Travel Zone 322- Jasper Lake, Nectar Lake, Ray Lake, Kingfisher Lake, Tickle Lake
·       Travel Zone 321- Bushman Lake, Bushwah Lake, Canta Lake, Gambimichigami Lake, Holt Lake, Kale Lake, Mueller Lake, Nabek Lake, Nave Lake, Ogishkemuncie Lake, Paco Lake, Skindance Lake, Spice Lake, Agamok Lake, Cook County Lake
·       Travel Zone 451- Ash Lake, Cash Lake, Cleft Lake, Copper Lake, Cross Bay Lake, Din Lake, Fawn Lake, Ferret Lake, Fool Lake, Fun Lake, Gordon Lake, Gunstock Lake, Hairy Lake, Howl Lake, Hubbub Lake, Jay Lake, Jester Lake, Juniper Lake, Karl Lake, Little Copper Lake, Long Island Lake, Lower George Lake, Mavis Lake, Moth Lake, Muskeg Lake, Night Lake, Plug Lake, Rib Lake, Snipe Lake, Sora Lake, Swollen Ankle Lake, Tame Lake, Vesper Lake, Wish Lake, Yogi Lake
·       Travel Zone 452- Banadad Lake, Bedew Lake, Cave Lake, Dawkins Lake, East Dawkins Lake, George Lake, Little Rush Lake, Lizard Lake, Lum Lake, Misplaced Lake, One Island Lake, Ross Lake, Rush Lake, Seal Lake, Sebeka Lake, Skipper Lake, Tucker Lake
·       Travel Zone 453- Allen Lake, Alpha Lake, Beta Lake, Creeper Lake, Davis Lake, Finn Lake, Flicker Lake, Henson Lake, Kiskadinna Lake, Little Trump Lake, Meeds Lake, Moon Lake, Omega Lake, Otto Lakes (West, East, South), Phalanx Lake, Pillsbery Lake, Pup Lake, Swallow Lake, Trump Lake
·       Travel Zone 461- Caribou Lake, Gaskin Lake, Gore Lake, Hooker Lake, Horseshoe Lake, Icicle Lake, Larson Lake, Lizz Lake, Ott Lake, Prop Lake, Redeye Lake, Rug Lake, Snack Lake, Spud Lake, Swamp Lake, Tremble Lake, Whitaker Lake, Winchell Lake
·       Travel Zone 473- Carl Lake, Helen Lake, Horseshoe Lake, Jake Lake, Lux Lake, Marie Lake, Misquah Lake, Morgan Lake, Nighthawk Lake, Spud Lake, Vista Lake
·       Travel Zone 472- Bower Trout Lake, Bunga Lake, Calf Lake, Dugout Lake, Footsteps Lake, Globe Lake, Iota Lake, Kroft Lake, Lac Lake, Lantern Lake, Little Trout Lake, Marshall Lake, Ram Lake, Rum Lake, Skidway Lake, Skinny Lake, Slough Lake, State Lake, Swan Lake, Tote Lake, Vernon Lake
·       Travel Zone 471- Abita Lake, Arena Lake, Belly Lake, Brule Lake Trail, Bulb Lake, Crow Lake, Dane Lake, Eagle Lake, Eagle Mt. Trail, Fishhook Lake, Goose Lake, Ozada Lake, Ptarmigan Lake, Shrike Lake, Swede Lake, Trine Lake, Tunmore Lake, Vireo Lake, Whale Lake, Zoo Lake
·       Travel Zone 441- Bannick Lake, Bet Lake, Brule Lake, Bull Lake, Cam Lake, Cliff Lake, Cow Lake, Cuckoo Lake, Echo Lake, Famine Lake, Gasket Lake, Grassy Lake, Headlight Lake, Ida Lake, Lily Lake, Middle Cone Lake, Mulligan Lake, North Cone Lake, Poverty Lake, South Cone Lake, Vance Lake, Wanihigan Lake, Wench Lake
·       Travel Zone 431- East Pipe Lake, Hilly Lake, Homer Lake, Juno Lake, Kinogami Lake, Pipe Lake, Squire Lake, Tobacco Lake, Vern Lake, West Pipe Lake, Whack Lake, Whip Lake
·       Travel Zone 421- Back Lake, Baker Lake, Clam Lake, Gossip Lake, Horn Lake, Jack Lake, Kelly Lake, Midget Lake, North Temperance Lake, Peterson Lake, Shift Lake, Sitka Lake, South Temperance Lake, Stem Lake, Wee Lake, Weird Lake
·       Travel Zone 412- Ada Lake, Arctic Lake, Aria Lake, Cherokee Lake, Dalbec Lake, Hide Lake, Skoop Lake, Sniff Lake, Snub Lake, Town Lake
·       Travel Zone 421- Back Lake, Baker Lake, Clam Lake, Gossip Lake, Horn Lake, Jack Lake, Kelly Lake, Midget Lake, North Temperance Lake, Peterson Lake, Shift Lake, Sitka Lake, South Temperance Lake, Stem Lake, Wee Lake, Weird Lake
·       Travel Zone 422- Burnt Lake, Flame Lake
·       Travel Zone 411- Sawbill Lake, Smoke Lake
·       Clarification on Restrictions: 
o      Open Entry Points that are listed as “with Restrictions *” include lakes that are only open for day trip. Open lakes near these Entry Points that are open include: Missing Link Lake, Brant Lake, Everett Lake, Gotter Lake, Blue Snow Lake. No overnight camping is allowed in this area.
o      Open Entry Points that are listed as “with Restrictions **” are open for travel up to the closure area which is generally considered to be the area from Ester Lake south to Ogishkemuncie and from the north side of Ogishkemuncie east around the south shore of Seagull Lake.
o      Entry From Canada is listed as “with Restrictions ***”. All permits requesting entry from Canada must be coordinated with the Supervisor’s Office to ensure that parties are not entering a closed area.