Weekend Specials

     This Saturday is the opening day for the Minnesota Moose Hunt. In recognition of the day various events will be taking place along the Gunflint Trail.  Beginning at approximately mile marker 44 where the trailheads for the Kekekabik and Magnetic Rock Trails are there will be free lemonade stands every 20 or so feet along the Trail.  Along with the free lemonade will be live music presented by various musicians in the area.  A wide variety of music will be played including accordian, bagpipe, drums and more. 

      In addition to the free entertainment and beverages a historical re-enactment will be taking place.  In recognition of the Blankenberg Toll Road that once existed from Seagull Lake to the end of the Trail there will be a toll collected at or around the Seagull Guard Station.  The fee for passage beyond this point will be $1000 in gold coins or copper(pennies).  Travel will be limited to three vehicles per day and these vehicles must be of a make and model consistent with the era of the toll road.

     Finally, for the entire moose hunting season from October 2-17th there will be a twice daily parade along the last 10 miles of the Gunflint Trail.  Marching bands will begin at various locations along the Trail about 30 minutes prior to sunrise and will play for approximately one hour.  The evening parade will begin approximately a half of an hour before sunset and will continue until dark.

     Last but not least. My son will be dressed like a moose so photographers may take photos of him.  He has a great costume and is more than willing to pose for several pictures at a time.  If I happen to see him on the top of your truck or in your pick up truck then I would be quite disturbed so please do not shoot as he is quite precious to me.

My son the moose

Have a safe and memorable Moose Hunt.