Weekend Forecast: FUN!

     I’m happy to report all of my weather forecast watching friends are reporting great weather for this weekend’s Gunflint Green Up Events.   If ever there is a time the weather people can be right I’m hoping it is this time.  They are calling for partly sunny skies and temperatures up into the 60’s!

     Everyone is gearing up for the big weekend on the Gunflint Trail.  We’re busy at Voyageur getting our place ready for the arriving guests and with last minute plans and preparations for the Ham Run Half Marathon on Sunday.  There are over 140 runners registered, most are for the half-marathon.  The details involved in planning a race are dizzying and I was dizzy enough to begin with.

     We’ve been checking things off of our list to be ready for the weekend and we think we are.  This is in part because of the help of some awesome volunteers.  Sheila Wieben has been organizing the volunteers, Rick Johnson is in control of the radio communications, Mike Prom is responsible for traffic control, Sue Ahrendt has bus and shuttle transportation secured, Bob Baker lined up the necessary medical personel and the all so important porta-potties, Susan Roy and the Grand Marais State Bank have registration materials printed & cups for the aid stations,  Mark Darling has the food and entertainment covered, Chris Callender has the hams, Shari Baker has special awards for the winners, Margo Furcht has registration under control, Steve Deschene is coordinating the timing efforts, Maria Callender has the massage therapists ready, Stephanie Humphrey is taking care of packet pick up and I think all I need to do is my usual, sit on the sofa with a package of bon bons watching As the World Turns.

     I know I have not mentioned everyone who has helped out and I apologize.  There are many who have just been around to put their hand between the wall and my head as I tried to pound against it.  Thank you to everyone.  This run will be a successful event because of the involvement of all of you.

  I know it is going to be a fun weekend, I just hope everyone joins us because this forecast is going to be right on!