Wacky Weather Weekend for the 4th of July

     The 4th of July weekend started out with a bang on Friday night. The lightning preceded the bangs of thunder which resulted in the loss of our telephone service for the entire weekend.  We did have intermittent service on Sunday and Monday and today it appears as though the problem has been resolved.

     Last night another storm rumbled through complete with lightning, thunder and wind resulting in the loss of electricty for a few hours.  Luckily most people were already sleeping by the time it went out and when they awoke in the morning only the tell-tale flashing alarm clock numbers showed anything out of the norm. 

     Throughout the weekend there were thunder boomers passing by.  You could see the clouds building in the distance and watch them travel the sky.  Yesterday I took Josh and his friend out kayaking and we heard thunder rumble in the distance, we kept an eye on the clouds for lightning but the rain fell without any light show.  It was a slow warm rain and we welcomed it to cool us off from the hot sun that preceded it.

     While it seemed like we received alot of rainfall over the weekend the days were bright and sunny.  I don’t think we got over an inch of rain and everyone enjoyed the long weekend at Voyageur Canoe Outfitters.  Guests fished, swam, visited Chik-Wauk Museum and had fun relaxing in the northwoods.   In spite of the Wack Weather we all had a wonderful 4th of July.