Voyageur Crew Member Sarah

Voyageur BWCA canoe outfitter
Sarah 2017


Sarah just graduated from the University of Minnesota with a major in Marketing. She has many talents and I’m sure she may change her mind but she says when she grows up she wants to deliver mail on the Gunflint Trail with Maddy. Both Maddy and Sarah are in their 3rd summer of working at Voyageur and get along remarkably. Maybe Sarah will take over marketing for Voyageur Canoe Outfitters and deliver mail on the Gunflint Trail?

Canoe Outfitting Crew
Sarah 2016
Time will tell but for now we’re just so happy to have her back for the 3rd summer. In her free time she enjoys running, nordic skiing, cooking, listening to podcasts and hammocking.  She loves to hang out with the crew and is looking forward to the canoe races this summer.
Sarah’s been on a number of canoe trips during her years at Voyageur. Her favorite route is Saganaga through Ottertrack, Ogish and out through Seagull Lake. Her favorite lake is Cross Bay Lake and the lake she most wants to visit is Little Saganaga. I’m hoping she’ll be able to get to Little Sag this summer or fall.  She likes to solo camp and her favorite camping equipment is a pair of wool socks.
We’re so happy to have Sarah on the Voyageur Crew!
Voyageur Canoe Outfitters
Sarah 2015

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