Voyageur Crew Cleans Up Nicely

     Last night was our annual staff dinner for Voyageur Canoe Outfitters. It’s a special evening and the whole crew showers and dresses themselves in something other than a bathing suit or crew t-shirt. It’s always a transformation from what they look like every day at work to what they look like when they aren’t working. Our crew cleans up nicely!

     We had an amazing dinner at Loon Lake Lodge and celebrated Christmas in July. We drew names to become Secret Santas and prepared homemade gifts for the recipients. There were some great gifts including birch bark framed photos, fishing rod holders and even glow in the dark socks.

     The Crew dinner is just one way we say, "Thanks" to the awesome folks who are a part of the Voyageur Crew.

Voyageur Crew