Voyageur Crew

     We’re happy to announce the arrival of our newest Voyageur Crew member, Dylan Fink.  Dylan was brought into this world by two previous Voyageur employees, Megan Mattson and Doug Fink.  Megan’s sister Heather, who also was a part of the Voyageur Crew, sent us this beautiful photo of the family.  We’re so excited for them and wish them the best of luck on their newest adventure.

<%image(20061113-finkdylan.jpg|150|224|Dylan Fink)%>

     Our Voyageur Crew is different every year but each member is a part of our family for the summer.  They live on our property, we eat three meals a day together and we recreate with each other.  It is impossible to not become attached to these great people and it is hard to not see or hear from them once they have moved on.  Most of them are college students so they get new e-mail addresses, phone numbers and addresses and are difficult to keep track of.

     We do get the chance to see some of them when they come up on canoe trips and it’s always a treat.  It’s fun to see where they end up and what they are doing and we always love to hear from them.  One of these days we need to have a Crew Reunion and invite all of the staff we have had for a weekend of reminiscing. 

     Right after Mike and I got married we worked at Quarterdeck Resort on Gull Lake for the summer.  This weekend they are having an employee reunion and even though we were only there for 3 months we met some great people there.  We hadn’t planned on attending but maybe we’ll have to reconsider.