Visit Voyageur During Screen Free Week

     You are always welcome to visit Voyageur Canoe Outfitters but there may not be a better time than during Screen Free Week April 30 to May 6th.  Our cabins and lodge units don’t have televisions and most don’t have internet connection so it’s easy to get away from screens.  If you want a really easy way to avoid screens then how about a canoe camping trip in the Boundary Waters?  The only screens you’ll find in the BWCA are tent screens!

Screen Free Website

 American children spend over four hours a day in front of a screen – a troubling statistic that has been linked to childhood obesity, attention problems, sleep disturbances, and poor school performance. During Screen-Free Week April 30 to May 6, an effort created by the Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood, children, families, schools, and communities are challenged to “turn off their scree! ns and turn on life.” While the main purpose is to reduce reliance on technology, it serves as a catalyst for healthy lifestyle changes.