Trophy Fishing on the Gunflint Trail

     Everyone’s idea of a trophy is a little bit different.  My trophy is just under 50" while Mike Olmstead’s was 44.5".  We had the opportunity to compare the two on our dock recently.  The following is a wrap up of his fishing experience on Saganaga Lake found in the Star Tribune.

Josh and Trophy Northern

From the Star Tribune

"We were fishing for several days on Saganaga Lake and mostly fishing for walleyes, with good success," said Mike Olmstead of Arlington, Minn., after he landed a 25-pound, 4-ounce, 44½-inch northern.

"We tried a shallow bay to see if we could get some northerns.

 "I was trolling a blue magnum floating Rapala in 8 feet of water when this monster smashed the surface and my lure.

"After a 20-minute fight, I was able to land him and take this photo.

"My friend that was with me also boated an 18-pound, 40 inch northern a few minutes after this brute. 

Mike Olmstead of Arlington, Minn., caught this 25-pound, 4-ounce 44 1/2-inch long northern on Saganaga Lake.