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     Here is some interesting information about traveling from the Tripbase Blog.  If you are thinking about taking a vacation then be sure to check these out.

5 Less Obvious Reasons Why Travel is Good For You

We’re all familiar with the most popular clichés about world travel: broadening your horizons, experiencing new cultures, meeting people from all walks of life, blah blah..

But what about the less obvious ones?? Travel can actually benefit you immensely in ways you had never imagined!Have a read of these 5 (less obvious) reasons why travel is good for you and set off on your next trip in a whole new light!

1. Becoming More Employable-
Don’t ever let anyone tell you that travel is time wasting for lazy bums.  Backpacking is actually an excellent lesson in the key skills you need for any job: planning, problem solving, communication, decision-making, managing budgets.. you name it, it’s there! Just be sure to tell your next potential employer!

2. Gaining Independence-
Travel will make you more capable, mature and able to look after yourself. It was only after hopping on flights across the globe and hunting around for hotels on my own that I stopped calling my Dad at the first sign of trouble. I started to solve my problems myself. Novel!

3. Being Happier at Home-

There’s nothing like roughing it in grimy hostels and being away from your important people to make you appreciate everything you have at home.When your feet sink into that fluffy carpet you’ll suddenly feel an overwhelming sense of gratitude. Which will make you a happier person.

4. “Travel Therapy”-
Taking yourself away from it all will give you a fantastic sense of perspective. You’ll be able to think more clearly about any decisions or dilemmas you may be facing and be better equipped to deal with them. “Travel Therapy” is the hottest new trend in self-help. There must be something in it!

5. Consolidating Relationships-

Travel is an awesome way of cementing and developing relationships.  A friend of mine got engaged shortly after a stint in South East Asia with her boyf. She said it “changed everything”. And if you’re traveling with a buddy, a warm acquaintance might just become a friend for life. All nice fluffy stuff!

From Tripbase… I’ve worked myself up into some fits of traveling stress on several occasions that’s for sure. But what a shame, this is our time out! Check out the 10 tips below on beating vacation stress, I hope they help you chill!!

1. Learn Some Words

Language misunderstandings and misapprehensions can be incredibly frustrating. Take the time to learn some key words and phrases before you go that should help you to get your point across.

2. Prepare for all Scenarios

Don’t get caught out without that medication you can only get at home or the only shoes that you can hike in. Think through all the eventualities you might encounter and come prepared for each one. And don’t scrimp on travel insurance, it’s just not worth it.

3. Be Airport Smart

Airports can induce high stress levels so be airport smart: book your seats online and leave plenty of time for check-in so you can sail through onto your flight without a care in the world.

4. Take Two Clear Days

It takes two days to unwind from work and settle into your vacation. Fact. So don’t make any plans and take these days to ease yourself into your new surroundings and get used to doing nothing.

5. Get into the Zone

So you’re an incredibly efficient, organized, high-achieving individual. Not anymore – you’re on vacation! Relieve yourself from the pressure of trying to create the perfect trip – be flexible, go with the flow and everything will just slot into place.

6. Ditch the Kids

Not in a nasty way of course, but if there are facilities to leave the kids for a day or an evening – go for it. Take some quiet kids-free time and don’t feel guilty, you deserve it!

7. Don’t Over-Plan

Remember the goal of the trip is to relax. So as much as you’d love to go on every tour on offer and see everything in the guidebook, be realistic. Leave yourself some free-time each day, otherwise it’s just not fun.

8. Take the Easy Option

So the taxi’s more expensive and you could do the tour yourself but if it’s going to save you time and effort in the long-run, take the easy option – you’re on vacation!

9. Cut Yourself Off

This is an obvious one. You don’t need me to tell you that checking your Blackberry, or even facebook, every two seconds isn’t conducive to a relaxing vacation. Don’t do it!

10. Invest in Relaxation

For some people just being in the sun with nothing to do isn’t enough to help them relax. Book a massage, take a yoga class or practice meditation. Whatever you think will help you relax and unwind.