Tonight’s Show- Aurora Borealis

     If you’re in the right place at the right time tonight then you may get to see the Northern Lights!  It’s always a treat to see them and last week I was thrilled when I caught them on display.  I’m not sure if the sky will be clear enough to see them tonight or dark enough since I’m unsure of where exactly I will be tonight.

     We’re still in the concrete jungle after Wednesday’s Bon Jovi concert.  We’ve visited Mike’s family and my family and we’ve picked up some much needed supplies for projects on our list.  We also paddled the Mississippi River yesterday with Clear Waters Outfitting Company; I’ll have more on that journey at a later date. 

     The plan was to head north this morning but tonight’s viewing of the aurora borealis may be upstaged with the birth of my first nephew.  Yep, my sister-in-law went into labor this morning and with a little luck we might get to meet baby Cole on his first day on earth.  

     Plans are up in the air right now on what sort of show we’ll see and where we’ll see it.  But I hope wherever you are you’ll get the chance to take a peek at the night’s sky and see the show.

Name of forecaster: Charles Deehr

Time of prediction: 4/9/2010 3:39:00 PM*

Forecast:Auroral activity will be active. Weather permitting, active auroral displays will be visible overhead from Barrow to Anchorage and Juneau, and visible low on the horizon from King Salmon and Prince Rupert.
Additional Forecaster comments: There was a small solar event on April 8, 2010. The effects of this event should reach Earth sometime late on the 10th or early on the 11th of April UT. This means auroral activity early Sunday morning in Europe and late Saturday night in the US. If not then, Sunday night should be active.