Today, This 2nd Day of April

      Yesterday had to have been April Fool’s Day therefore today is April 2nd.  It started off with me telling Josh if he was so sick that he had to stay home from school then he would not be allowed to play Wii or watch any movies that weren’t educational.  He nodded in agreement before rolling over and falling back to sleep.  He had been coughing for about a week and feeling under the weather but I didn’t think he was sick enough that he had to stay home from school and interrupt my day of work. Yes, sometimes I can be a cold, heartless mother.

     After dropping Abby off at the bus stop I made my way upstairs to my workout room for the 90 minute P90x yoga workout.  I’ve done it a number of times over the past couple of months and I’ve also done a large number of yoga videos over the past couple of years.  Some time between Royal Dancer, Standing Leg Extension, Crane and Seated Spinal Stretch I stretched something in my lower back a little too much.  I pushed myself through the remaining workout even though I was experiencing some pain.

     Some pain turned into "I can’t even stand upright pain" which turned into "I scream if I move pain." Shuffling along hunched over at my waist like the old witch in Sleeping Beauty I made it to the vehicle and reclined.  The frost heaves on the Gunflint Trail were answered with a scream of pain to which Mike’s heart would stop beating for a couple of seconds.  

     We hadn’t planned on going to town yesterday.  Mike had been asked to go to meet a politician but wasn’t going to go until the 3rd person called to ask him to attend.  I decided we should make a doctor’s appointment for Josh as long as Mike was going in.  In the meantime I opened an email from a friend who wrote, "See you this afternoon."  I had no clue what she was referring to and thought she was confused because we had a meeting the next morning scheduled, not for that afternoon.  I emailed her back asking what I was missing to which she politely told me, "We have a Community Center meeting Miss Chairman, do you need a personal assistant?"  Yes, I do need a personal assistant.

     Continuing over the numerous ice heaves on the Gunflint Trail I writhed in pain.  With Mike and Josh at the doctor’s office I headed to a Miracle Worker.  She helped me stretch so I was able to walk once again.  I was still sore but I could at least move.  

     By this time school was over and Abby still had Girl Scout Cookies to deliver so we went delivering.  In the meantime Mike called to tell me Josh had pneumonia and I needed to stop at the pharmacy before going to my 4:30 meeting.  Yep, I guess Josh was sick and aren’t I a bad mom?  It does make me feel better that the doctor said Josh must be a tough boy because he hadn’t ever seen anyone with that bad of pneumonia look as good as he did.  

     When we finally made it back up the Trail it was bedtime for the kids and computer time for me.  Only problem was I’ve been using one of those cords that can adapt to different computers and the little end that fits mine disappeared while inside my laptop bag.  Seriously.  I put the computer and cord in the bag, didn’t take it out all day long, came home to take it out and the piece was gone.  Where did it go?  It’s hanging out somewhere with all of the single mittens and socks I’ve lost over the years.  I looked everywhere and couldn’t find it.

     Content to call it a day I decided to get ready for bed myself.  Part of the nightly ritual is brushing and flossing my teeth which I do religiously.  I’ll give you a little history.  I’m from the era of big silver fillings and I’m a TMJ person who grinds her teeth.  After 3 broken teeth had to be covered in crowns I purchased a mouth piece to protect my remaining ones.  Only thing is, I hadn’t been wearing it and lo and behold, another broken tooth, go figure.  So I’ve had a temporary crown on for a couple of weeks and I’m not suppose to floss between the teeth with it.  Guess what? I forgot last night and pulled the crown right out of my mouth.  A perfect ending to a perfect day, NOT!

     So here it is April 2nd and I’m waiting for yesterday’s tricks to be over.  Josh is still home coughing, I can’t find my computer piece, my tongue keeps searching the empty space in my mouth where a temporary crown once sat and I’m moving around a little faster than the witch from Sleeping Beauty, but barely.  Someone please tell me when the joke is over, I’m ready!