These Days Are So Long

     It seems like it happened overnight but it’s been happening since December.  The days are getting longer and the nights are getting shorter.  It’s no longer black outside when I take the kids out to the bus stop and it isn’t dark when I pick them up either.  I suppose that would be true for most people but not for us at the end of the Gunflint Trail.  The kids get on the bus at 6:37am and get off of the bus after 4:30pm.  There are alot of days in the winter when the kids don’t see their home in the daylight.

     The longer days are nice in most ways but not so nice in other ways.  The longer the sun shines during the day the better the chance of the snow melting and that I do not want to see.  As long as it is going to be cold outside then we may as well have snow on the ground to play in.  We need a good cover of snow for Mush for a Cure our sled dog fundraiser March 12-13th.

     I am more productive when the days are longer and that’s nice I think.  Sometimes when it starts to get dark I want to call it quitting time but there are way too many things to get done to do that.  The daylight at least keeps me going a little bit longer into the evening.  It’s also easier to get out of bed when it’s getting light outside and much easier to stay neatly tucked in when it’s as black as night. 

     These past few days have felt really long.  On clear winter nights when the moon is waxing it looks like daylight outside.  It shines in the window as bright as the sun as it makes its way across the night sky.  I’ll blame the moon on persuading me to get out of bed this morning when the clock still had a 4 as the first number.  But I suppose it could have been my mind thinking about the loads of laundry to do, the pan of bars to make for the bake sale or the amount of unfinished work sitting on my desk.   Getting an early start on the day should mean an earlier quitting time.

   But when it doesn’t then it makes the days seem so long.  Make the most of your weekend days and every day!