The Sun Also Rises on the Gunflint Trail

     After dropping the kids off at the bus stop this morning I took Rugby for a walk. It was a little brisk at ten degrees but there wasn’t any wind so it wasn’t too cold. While walking I began to wonder when and if the sun was going to rise?  

     I got my answer around 8:00 AM when the sun finally appeared above the horizon.  According to the almanac the sun rises at 7:43 AM and sets at 4:10 PM for a total of 8 hours and 27 minutes of daylight on the 14th of December.

     That doesn’t leave much time to enjoy the sunshine especially if the clouds decide to come out. This morning the clouds disappeared and the sky was a brilliant blue. The sun shone brightly and the snow sparkled beautifully.  

     The sun does rise on the Gunflint Trail but it’s a little later than I’d like to see it. The good news is the days will start to get longer again after next week’s solstice.