The Sound of Silence

     I heard the sound of silence this morning when I took my walk after I dropped the kids off at the bus stop. The morning was absolutely still and try as hard as I could I couldn’t hear any sounds.

     I stopped walking a couple of times just to check if I could hear a bird or a chipmunk. I wondered if I had lost my hearing but there wasn’t a breeze rustling the trees or making the water lap against the shore. What a wonderful opportunity it is to experience the sound of silence.

     I wonder how many people can say they have experienced it? Inside our homes there is the constant buzz of appliances, water running, telephones or other electronics.  When outside most people can hear vehicles, sirens, planes overhead or dogs barking. I doubt there are many times in a big city when you don’t hear the "Beep, beep" of people clicking their automatic locks.

     Oh how lucky I am to live in a place where I can experience the sound of silence on more than one occasion.

Gunflint Trail Fall Scenes