The Rapids

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     Mike and I went for our first paddle around the 3rd of May, right before the Ham Lake Fire started.  It turned out to be a paddle and a portage and we only went down to the Seagull River rapids.  Normally there is plenty of water pushing through the river right after the ice goes out but this year it wasn’t the case.

     The water level was about two feet lower than normal for that time of the year.  The water starts out low and continues to rise up until around the first week of June.  Normally rainfall and the ground thawing brings the water up at a rapid pace.  The water has come up quite a bit since the first week of May but with the rapids being so low and the water pushing through so fast we decided it would be easier to just portage our way back upstream instead of paddling like maniacs.  

<%image(20070504-lowrapidsm.jpg|200|150|Seagull River)%>

  The scenery on Saganaga has changed a little bit with the water levels being so low.  Don has seen rocks and reefs that are normally hidden well beneath the water’s surface and other Saganaga experts have found some with their props and skegs. It’s a great time to learn the lake as long as you keep your eyes open and speed slow, better yet, just take a canoe.

     It’s a beautiful time to be up on the Gunflint Trail so come on up for a visit.