The Ice Is Out

The ice is out on Saganaga.  This has got to be a record, the earliest recorded ice out previously was at least a week later than this.  Talk about global warming.  We sure aren’t ready for the paddling season to start this early so we are hoping there aren’t too many people itching to get out into the Boundary Waters until at least the first week of May when our ice normally goes off.  The strangest thing happened last night.  Just as we were about to go to sleep we heard a loud noise on the deck.  I told Mike to get up and check it out, but he just rolled over.  So, I went downstairs, turned on the outside light and couldn’t believe what I saw.  Here was a bull moose with a complete rack looking right at me through my window.  I opened the door to startle him and he just walked right in and asked me for a muffin.  Wait a minute, is this some kind of a joke?  Like the children’s book, If you give a moose a muffin? Yep, that’s right, it is the first day of April, otherwise known as April Fool’s Day and the ice is still on Sag.