The Ice is Gone

     Just in case you didn’t already know, the ice is off of the lakes.  The big chunk on Sag disappeared yesterday after being pummeled with wind and rain.  We were able to get around on most parts of the lake before that but it just took a little bit of creativity and a few detours.

     We’re spending our time preparing for the season.  Motors need to be put on boats, registration stickers on canoes, outfitting food onto shelves, t-shirts folded, cabins spring cleaned, bait ordered and our biggest project of the year, the staff housing. 

     Progress on the staff cabin was slow during the week due mainly to the weather.  Last weekend our hockey friends the Roy’s and Wieben’s came up from town to lend a hand and this weekend more hockey families came; DuChien’s and Bockovich’s.  Those extra hands sure make a difference and thanks to all of their help, the walls are almost all done. 

     Of course none of this is happening soon enough as we already have Adam, Mike and Sheri here and more staff arriving this week.  They are being good sports about the housing and their flexibility is a blessing.  We’ll be happy when we can get them into their new home and they’ll be even happier. 

     Gotta get going, the sun is shining and there is work to be done.