The Cardinals Win

     This was a headline I saw in a dream over 3 months ago.  I’m not that familiar with football or football teams so when I woke up I asked Mike who the Cardinals were.  He informed me the Cardinals were from Arizona.  When I told him I had dreamed the Cardinals were in the Super Bowl and had won he got a good chuckle out of it.  He said that would never happen because they weren’t a very good team.

     Fast forward to January 31st the day before the Super Bowl and guess who’s playing?  The Arizona Cardinals.  Last night I was dreaming about telling people that I had told Mike the Cardinals had won and how much money my dad said I would have won had I placed a bet on them when I had the first dream.  The Arizona Cardinals had won again in my dream.  In reality the odds in Vegas would have been to my advantage because they were 500 to 1. That means had I bet a $1.  I Would have won $500.00.

     Well folks, I don’t want the Cardinals to win tomorrow.  Because if they do, then I will have to live my life saying, "If Mike would have listened to me then…"  So, if you want to do Mike and me a favor then please don’t cheer for the Cardinals!