That’s more like it

Gunflint TrailYesterday was a glorious day at the end of the Gunflint Trail. The wind finally quit blowing and the temperature reached 52 degrees! The forecast calls for a beautiful weekend with temperatures in the 50’s. This is the kind of April weather I enjoy. While snowbanks still cover most of the bare ground other signs of spring are emerging.

The grouse have been active around Voyageur Canoe Outfitters. Last night there was one standing on the railing of our deck. It was almost in arms reach until Matt attempted to touch it and it casually fluttered up onto a nearby limb of a tree. We’ve regularly spotted two pileated woodpeckers in the neighborhood and the saw-whet owl hoots nightly. A fox has been seen at the end of our driveway and there are moose tracks on the muddy road.

The best news is resorts are able to welcome guests again. That means you too can enjoy all of these signs of spring. Give us a call to book a cabin at Voyageur, we’d love to see you at a safe distance.


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