That’s Where That Was!

     It’s that time of the season when the snow piles disappear and other things reappear.  A shovel, a water bottle and lots of garbage has a way of getting hid all winter long by the snow.   It’s like a game of hide and seek where we’re the seekers and the garbage or lost items are the hiders that aren’t doing a very good job at hiding.

      The leaves are off of the trees and you can see everywhere so a piece of garbage really stands out.  This of course bothers me so I must attempt to retrieve the trash only to get my feet wet because of the snow melt in low lying areas or in the ditches I think I can jump over.  You would think I would learn and would wait for the areas to dry up but that’s not my personality. 

     I spent a good amount of time picking up garbage yesterday and straightening up outside.  I refuse to put the shovels away because I know if we do then we’ll have a reason to use them once again.  I know it will snow again but I’m not sure if it will warrant using a shovel.  So until then I’ll keep picking up the trash I can see and finding once lost treasures that were buried beneath the season’s snow.