That’s More Like It

     I think Miss October read my blog yesterday and wasn’t too pleased with what I was saying.  She obviously didn’t like being called a slacker and with a flick of her magic wand she made it feel more like October. 

     Miss October decided the warm temperatures and nice weather I was talking about had to go.  She blew in some wind, threw in some rain and decided to let some of the leaves fly free from their branches.  Falling from the sky were big water droplets and leaves of all shades of yellow.  They landed on the forest floor and attempted to camoflauge the pavement.  Many leaves are still clinging to their trees and will no doubt hold on in protest of her sudden mood change.

     The temperature now sits in the thirties and the wind continues to blow.  The sky is smattered with pink, grey, blue and some white too.  The animals have hurried their pace and are scurrying about heeding the warning of the winter to come.

     I should probably heed it to and finish all of those outside tasks that need to be done.  But then again, there’s something comorting about being inside warm and cozy while listening to the wind howl outside.  Almost like that Rapala in the commercial or billboard, I sit here and say to Miss October, "Nah, nah, nah, nah, nah, nah, you can’t get me!"