Take Ten

     Every year people fall through the ice, sometimes they live and sometimes they die.  When lakes are starting to freeze over in early winter and when they are beginning to thaw in the spring ice conditions can change rapidly.   

<%image(20070327-icesafetysm.jpg|200|150|Ice Safety)%>

   Many factors affect lake ice and those factors will determine how fast the ice melts.  Ice melts from the bottom of the sheet up to the surface so while it may look safe on the top, it may not be so.  The depth of the body of water, if there is current, what the temperatures have been, or  if it has rained should all be considered before heading out onto the ice.  Always check the depth of the ice as you make your way across it’s surface.

     I would like you to increase your odds of survival if you or someone with you happens to fall through the ice.  Please take ten minutes to watch a great video clip about what to do if you fall through the ice.  It just may save your life or someone else’s.