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Who Knew?

You learn something new every day. With the list of “Six Green Alternatives”  for Christmas I learned six new things! The list is from from Green Line Paper Company. Six Green Alternatives Every Christmas season, U.S. consumers purchase tons of

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Minnesota Christmas Trees and Wreaths

I never realized what a contribution Minnesota makes to help people celebrate the Christmas Holiday.  Did you know, “Annually, 500,000 Christmas trees are harvested from private farms in Minnesota, contributing about $30 million to the state’s economy.” The Minnesota DNR

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Oh Christmas Trees

Christmas is just around the corner and trees and greens are a topic of conversation around our house.  A little searching on the internet will bring up a lot of information about Christmas Trees and the traditions surrounding them.  Most

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Christmas Trees

It’s around this time of the year we start seeing Christmas trees on top of vehicles heading south. Many people come to our neck of the woods to select their trees and not from the lot at the Holiday Station

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