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Blue Bears

It’s not a new species of bear but the bears are blue because they are sad. The blueberry crop has not ripened yet and the bears are hungry.  One very skinny bear has been checking out the garbages at Voyageur

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Get Lost! Or Not

It won’t be long before two-leggeds start entering the forest in search of blue gems known as blueberries on the Gunflint Trail.  Some times these two legged creatures get so caught up in the berry patches they forget to look

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How Many Blueberries Does One Need?

I have a problem and I admit it. I’m a hoarder of blueberries. I still have bags full from previous years in the freezer yet I pick more and more. How many blueberries are enough? What do you need to

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Bear in the BWCA

With all of the blueberries out in the bush you wouldn’t think  bears would need to harass campers in the BWCA but I guess these bears have picky palettes.  They have been frequenting campsites on the Caribou Lake east of

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Dreaming of Blueberries

I found a patch of blueberries that looked like the grapes in a bowl of plastic fruit. I picked one from the bush thinking it looked like some scientifically engineered berry from a different planet and when I bit into

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I’m So Excited

     I am so happy to know people out there actually read my blog!  I’ve had a couple of comments in the past couple of days that aren’t SPAM!  One is in regard to my post about JJ the

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Overnight Low Destroys Blueberry Crop

It’s a sad day for those of us who love to pick blueberries. Last night’s cold temperature froze all of the blueberry plants on the Gunflint Trail. I drove to check on the blueberry patches this morning and there’s not

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