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First loon sighting on the Gunflint Trail

Spring is a time for “firsts.” The first pussy willows, robins or open water all add to the excitement that spring is really here. It takes a lot of convincing since we woke up to a white deck once again.

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Wolves eat beaver

A study done in Voyageurs National Park found that wolves eat beaver. According to this study not much was known about the relationship between this predator and prey. While the beaver spends the majority of the winter safely beneath the

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Beaver Flick

I haven’t been able to load any videos to You tube for some odd reason but if you click this link then you’ll see a neat video of a beaver courtesy of Brad. beaver in the BWCA

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Beaver Kills Man

I thought this might be a joke when I saw the headline but it wasn’t. There are lots of beavers in the Boundary Waters and on the Gunflint Trail. They swim around, flap their tails and generally disappear quite quickly

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