Switching Modes

     It’s such a strange time of the year trying to make the transition from full time canoe outfitter to part-time canoe outfitter part-time friend, mom, community member or normal person should I say?  Most of the summer we’re in our own little world at the end of the Gunflint Trail running Voyageur Canoe Outfitters. 

     The tricky part is trying to figure out how to get back into things without swamping the canoe.  It reminds me of some canoe groups who bring so much gear you wonder is there enough room in the canoe for all of it? One big cooler, 4 big duluth packs, and a huge rubbermaid and the canoe sinks low into the water.  Add a tackle box, bait containers and a fishing rod and water starts to come over the gunwales. What can you afford to leave behind?  You need food, shelter, beverage and recreation…

     I feel like I’m packing a canoe for a voyage. Luckily it’s a 24 foot with a good carrying capacity because I can dump alot of Voyageur work in there,  I can put the Kick-off Meeting and Scholastic Book Fair for PTA in front,  Community Center Planning meetings towards the back, coaching 4-6th grade girls volleyball 3 days a week in the middle and sprinkle Elementary Yearbook planning, baby shower preparations, GTVFD trainings, Mush for a Cure and Ham Run throughout the canoe.  There’s still a little room in there for other stuff before it starts taking on water. 

     Wait, that was before I got in.  Juggle some stuff around and I’ll get it all to fit, somehow.