Super Moon over a Super Lake

We were able to watch the super moon rise over Lake Superior and it was a super sight. Of course we didn’t stop to take a picture, but believe me, it was beautiful and big.

There isn’t a scientific reason for people to act differently during a full moon or a super moon. According to an article I read it shouldn’t make a difference to humans. However some people believe it does. Here’s from the comment section of that same article.

In First Nations Teachings Grandmother Moon as we call her regulates the tides and she watches over the waters of the earth. It is also said that women watch over the waters of the people. Water always comes first before birth..We are 70% water ourselves and through our teachings woman are the givers of life through their wombs. The Moon effects our Moontime ( menstrual cycle) and our spinal fluid. It effects our mind and our feelings,emotions and desires. It also effects children as well as animals. This is only my point of view from my teachings and what I share with others on the 13 Moons.

Do you find the full moon affecting you? I know if it’s full and it isn’t cloudy I sure don’t sleep as good because of how light it is!

4K Super Moon in Grand Marais, MN from Justin Jones on Vimeo.

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