Sun, Wind and Rain

     Mother Nature has helped speed up the ice out process on the Gunflint Trail this year.  The hard rains over the weekend, the long sunny days, and the strong winds have eliminated ice on some of the smaller lakes already.  Round Lake, Swamper, and Iron Lakes are out and many of the others are well on there way to being ice free.  Maybe by the weekend we’ll be fishing on Sag?  


  The Seagull River is now open and flowing beautifully underneath our new dock!  The welcome sound of a loon was heard for the first time on Tuesday morning.  As I look out the window and see the trees greening up I notice it is beginning to look alot like summer.

     The wildlife has been very active on the Gunflint Trail.  The kids reported seeing two wolf pups while they were in the school bus on their way to town the other morning.  On Mike’s trip home from town on Monday he saw 4 deer, 3 moose, 2 fox and 1 wolf, all in the last 30 miles of the Gunflint Trail.

     What a wonderful place we call home.