Summer Sunsets on Saganaga


Boundary Waters Sunset
Sunset on Saganaga

There are some gorgeous sunsets in the canoe country. These sunsets can sometimes be made even more beautiful with the help of a hazy sky due to distant forest fires.


This was the case on Saganaga a week or so ago. While there wasn’t a canoe paddling into the horizon for me to focus on it was still a beautiful sight. It’s amazing how much the sky can change in such a short amount of time. You think it can’t get anymore beautiful but then you blink and it has. I know I’ve seen some pretty sunsets in other parts of the world but watching the sun set in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area is quite magnificent. Come see for yourself while the summer sunsets are still on display.

camping in the BWCA
Sunset on Saganaga
BWCA entry point 55 Saganaga
Sag Sunset
boundary waters camping trip
Boundary waters camping trip

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