Summer Slowly Comes

     Two days of temperatures in the 60’s on the Gunflint Trail this week and it’s beginning to look a little more like summer is going to come.  The snow has melted off of the surface of the lakes and the creeks are flowing.  Moose pond and other smaller ponds are starting to open up, finally! It’s been a long time waiting but we think winter is loosening its grip and we’re hoping it has let go all together.

     There’s still snowbanks mid-Gunflint Trail but at the end of the Trail things are looking snow free. I’m still predicting ice out for Saganaga Lake for after the opener.  My guess is the 14th of May with smaller lakes going out earlier.  If we get lots of sunshine, rain and wind then you never know, it might be out for opener, but then again, it might not. 

Gunflint Trail

Gunflint Trail moose