Summer Like Weather Returns to the Gunflint Trail

After a brief fall-like period of weather on the Gunflint Trail summer has returned.  I’m hoping the forecasted sunshine warms the lake water up a little bit so my swims can be a little bit longer.

The forecast for the next 5 days is plenty of sunshine with temperatures in the mid to high 70’s!  I don’t know about you but I plan to get outside and do some paddling to take advantage of this fine weather. A long or short canoe camping trip into the Boundary Waters or Quetico Park is calling my name.

I  hope to wet my line and add a couple of more fish to my summer of 2013 catch list. Right now that list is pretty small so I should be able to double it with a little bit of luck.

I hope you are able to get outside and enjoy this summer like weather on the Gunflint Trail because before long it will be gone for good.