Sturgeon Moon on the Gunflint Trail

I love the fact Native Americans named their full moons each month. It makes it so much more interesting than just saying, “Tonight’s a full moon.” It’s interesting because it’s usually a glimpse into what was happening in the natural world historically during that time of the year.

The name of the August Full Moon is most commonly known as the Sturgeon Moon. It’s seems like an easy name to figure out because it was the month when they(Algonquin Tribe) had the most success fishing for sturgeon on the Great Lakes and Lake Champlain in particular.

Can you imagine if different groups of people named the full moons?  I could think of a few fun ones like teachers and retailers, how about you? Any Full Moon lists or better names for full moons you can think of?

Retailer Names for Full Moons

  • January- Everything red for your sweetheart moon
  • February- Bring out your inner Shamrock moon
  • March- Summer is Almost Here Moon
  • April- Artificial flowers for cemeteries Moon
  • May- Schools Out Celebrate Graduation Moon
  • June- Fathers are overrated let’s celebrate the 4th of July Moon
  • July- Summer is Over Moon
  • August- Back to School Moon
  • September- Halloween is Coming Moon
  • October- Christmas is Just 2 months away Moon
  • November- Black Friday Moon
  • December- The more you spend the more they will love you Moon

Teacher Names for Full Moons

  • January- It’s like starting over Full Moon
  • February- Make the unattractive students feel worse Full Moon
  • March- Wish we’d have another snow day Full Moon
  • April- Thank Goodness for Spring Break Full Moon
  • May- These Kids are Driving Me nuts Full Moon
  • June- Thank Goodness it’s over Full Moon
  • July- The only month fully free Full Moon
  • August- I can’t Believe School is starting soon Full Moon
  • September- Another Year Begins Full Moon
  • October- Homecoming Full Moon
  • November- I’m sick of these kids already Full Moon
  • December- I can’t wait for Christmas Break Full Moon


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