Stuck in Lake Superior

As far as places to be stuck I imagine there could be worse places than in Lake Superior but being unexpectedly confined on a ship for over a month doesn’t sound like fun to me.

The ship’s name is Cornelia and she’s a cargo ship that has been stuck in the Duluth Harbor since detained on November 5th.  The ship has been detained by the Coast Guard for some environmental violation which possibly includes releasing some sort of oily water but not in the Twin Ports.  The US Attorney is involved in the investigation and they are attempting to come to some sort of resolution and soon.

If the Cornelia doesn’t leave port before December 18th then she won’t make it out of the Great Lakes before freeze up. She would be forced to dock in Duluth and her cargo would be offloaded to a different vessel.

What about the reported crew of 19 people? I don’t know what would happen to them but all of their shore passes have expired and they haven’t been off of the boat since they first got into port in November.

It’s a costly and unusual circumstance that I hope gets resolved soon for the sake of the crew.

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