Stinky’s Mom?

     At Voyageur we have property on both sides of the Seagull River.  The side our lodge is located on is accessible by road but the other side you have to travel across the river to get to.  We have a bathhouse, bunkhouses and our Black Bear Cabin across the river.

     This weekend we had guests staying in the Black Bear Cabin.  They were sound asleep on their first night here when they heard a strange noise outside.  They got up and turned the outside light on to see a black bear on the deck.  The bear was trying to get into the cabin and had ripped the screen out of the screen door.  The bear ran off only to return about an hour later for a second attempt to open the door of the cabin.  

     The next day they were careful to keep their food inside and their door closed.  That night the bear returned again.  It tipped their grill over and licked the rack clean of any drippings from their brats they had grilled that day.  It attempted to open their door but our guests had been sure to lock the door. 

     We told the kids this story and they think it only makes sense the bear would want to get into the cabin.  After all the cabin does have the name Black Bear on the outside of it.  The kids want to spend the night in Black Bear to see the bear.   We know this bear isn’t Stinky because it is much larger, but who knows, it could be Stinky’s mom.