Starting Over

     It’s the beginning of a new month and a new school year so it’s almost like getting a fresh start.  We can forget about how last school year ended with the Ham Lake Fire and how August was so terribly dry.  We can clean the slate and move forward into the school year and September.

     I think Mother Nature wanted a clean slate with the weather.  She has graciously given us almost double the amount of precipitation we received in August and it’s only the 6th of September.  Roadside flora has been given a good rinse off and a breath of life for the remainder of the season.  Trees have received their much needed moisture and creeks and waterfalls are flowing once again.  The land is still terribly dry but I have confidence in Mother Nature and her ability to make the water levels rise yet this fall.

     Like the water levels rising my children have moved up a grade in school.  Abby started the year as a second grader and Josh is now in first grade.  It is difficult to imagine my kids are getting older each day while I stay at the same youthful age; forever in my early twenties.  I sometimes wonder as I issue fishing licenses why a person born the same year as me looks so old?  I guess that’s another story.  The kids are filled with enthusiasm and are off to a great start with awesome teachers to guide them through the school year.

     It’s nice to get a do-over once in awhile.  Forget yesterday’s mistakes and concentrate on improving today.  We have the ability to wipe the slate clean each day or minute if we choose.  Just like Mother Nature, we can make things look fresh and new by starting over.