Start Seeing Pink


  Cook County Residents shouldn’t be surprised when they start seeing pink around the County in March.  In conjunction with the Third Annual Mush for a Cure Como Oil and Propane will have their pink tanker truck in Grand Marais. 



    Last October Como Oil painted one of their propane delivery trucks pink in an effort to raise money and funds for breast cancer.  For every gallon of propane pumped from the pink truck a penny is donated to the American Breast Cancer Association.

     To help support the efforts of the Mush for a Cure Como has agreed to have their pink truck on the Gunflint Trail on March 14th, 2009.  The Mush for a Cure is a non-competitive sled dog event that raises money for the National Breast Cancer Foundation.  Last year’s participants donated $13,000.  to the cause and hope to be able to give $20,0000. this year.

     Be one of the first to see pink and ask for your tank to be topped off when the pink truck arrives in Grand Marais.  Then be sure to put on your best pink outfits and head up the Trail to support the 3rd Annual Mush for a Cure on March 14th, 2009.