Spring Blizzard

     Yesterday was the first day of spring but you never would have guessed it.  I woke up to a sheet of frost covering my windshield that required major scraping.  The sun rose beautifully and obscured my view of the trail while I drove to town but disappeared beneath the clouds a little later.

     Throughout the day the snow flurries came and went but in the early evening the blizzard began in earnest.   The traffic barely moved as the fresh fallen snow was wet and slippery.  Cars, including mine sailed through stop signs without any notice of the brakes being applied.  The high beam lights did no good as they only illuminated the millions of flakes directly in front of the car.  The shoulder of the road wasn’t visible and the drive home was much longer than the drive in on dry pavement.

     Today is the second day of spring and it began with shoveling off the fresh fallen snow.  Here at the end of the Gunflint Trail we received 1-2 inches of new snow.   A perfect amount for coating the crusty snow or bare ice that was exposed on the lakes.  It should make travel on the lakes a bit less treacherous, at least for a day or two.

     The Gunflint Trail weather doesn’t seem to pay much attention to what season it is.  But that’s fine with me, there’s nothing I can do about it anyway.