So Many Videos So Little Time

     It would be easy to add hundreds of photos and videos to my blog to make it good if only there was more time in a day.  Time or a technology savvy individual who I could outsource all of my video and photo uploading and organizing to.  Maybe there is such a service that I am unaware of, if so then please let me know.  Otherwise my weak apology will have to be enough for Scott Maxwell our crew member’s father.  Scott is waiting for his son Adam’s video of a moose to be uploaded to the web and I’m just not getting to it very quickly.

     I will say it isn’t completely my fault the video isn’t up yet.  It takes timing and coordination for Adam to bring his cord and camera to me and for me to have time to upload it to my computer.  Then there’s the internet speed which is unfortunately not real fast up here at the end of the Gunflint Trail.  It doesn’t help our nation was a decade or two slow when I was in school so I never learned anything about this kind of stuff and everytime I do try to upload it’s like re-inventing the wheel.  Kind of a lame excuse, but it’s an excuse nonetheless.  I will do my best to get to it this next week, just don’t hold your breath.

     There’s just too many videos and too little time to get them all onto my blog.