Snowmobile Trip

We had a great time exploring the snowmobile trails over Valentine’s.  We went on some gorgeous trails through tall red pines, over bubbling rivers, and around spruce bogs.  The scenery was beautiful and while riding through Voyageur’s National Park and Crane Lake you would almost think you were in the Boundary Waters.  The trails were in perfect condition and we rarely saw other snowmobilers.  Lake Vermillion was so large and had so many cabins on it we thought we were on Lake Minnetonka, the only difference was there was rarely smoke seen from the chimneys as most of these "cabins" are only used during the summer months.  In spite of what seemed to be a more populated area of Northern Minnesota we still saw lots of wildlife including deer, wolves, fox, squirrels, and lots of wilderness birds.  We traveled 330 miles on some wonderful trails and over some awesome lakes and can’t wait to get out and explore again.