Snow on the Gunflint Trail

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     It’s beginning to look alot like winter on the Gunflint Trail.  Mother Nature listened to our requests for snow and gave us 6.5 inches of the white stuff last week.  The only time we have had more snow than that in October in the past ten years was in 2003 when we received 9.25 inches.   Surprisingly temperatures have been cool enough to keep some of the snow on the ground and sticking to the trees.  It is awkward to have snow on the ground this early in the fall, but looking at the forecast I don’t think it will stay for long.  Temperatures for this week are suppose to be into the 40’s and 50’s during the daytime and not much below freezing at night.  That should get rid of the snow until the next time.  We have some friends who are out paddling today and hope we can make another day trip out into the BWCA before we put our canoes away for the winter.   

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    Most people on the Trail aren’t ready for snow this early.  We still have things to put away, water to turn off, buildings to drain, boats to take out, and those outdoor projects we just haven’t gotten around to yet.  As soon as all of the preparations are done for winter then the snow can come and keep coming until the lakes freeze and there is enough snow to ski and snowmobile.  Until then I would prefer to hike the trails right up to the time I can snowshoe on them.  I don’t like those in-between season times, but I live in Minnesota so you would think I would get used to it.  Anyway, the snow is flying and it won’t be long until winter is here for good on the Gunflint Trail.