Snow is Melting Fast in Warm Weather

     Yesterday the temperature at the end of the Gunflint Trail reached 62 degrees!  That’s crazy for March 11th or even May 11th for that matter.  It only got down to 38 degrees last night and with the forecast calling for sunshine and temperatures in the 60’s this week the snow will continue to melt quickly. 

     The snow on the roof is melting, the deck is free of snow and the melt-off is running down the driveway.  It’s a slushy mess in our parking lot and there’s still snow in the woods.  It won’t take long with these warm temperatures and even the snow in the woods wil disappear.

     I’m not ready for mud season yet.  I know we’re not done with snow for good and I’d prefer to keep some around a little while longer.  I might not get what I want but then again that’s ok too.  The lack of snow will allow me to get back into the woods to do some clearing with the chainsaw and many other things a person has to wait to do until the snow is gone. 

     One thing is for sure, you need your sunscreen on these sunny spring-like days and mud boots too!