Snow Fort Fun

     The kids have been out playing in the snow the past couple of days.  They moved snow, piled it up, dug in it and  made a quinzee out of it.   The past two nights they have slept outside across the river in their snow cave and they assure us it is warm and cozy inside.

     The kids I am referring to are some of our summer staff who have been up to visit this past week, not Abby and Josh.  Abby and Josh also built a quinzee last weekend over at the Gunflint Pines Resort with Bob, Jaret and Wyatt and they are begging to sleep in one quinzee or another.  I have yet to ever sleep in one but it looks like this may be the winter to do it. 

     If you’re interested in seeing what quinzees and snow forts are all about then come on up the Gunflint Trail.  This year during the Winter Tracks Festival from February 28-March 3rd there will be a tour of quinzees.  Better yet, come on up to Voyageur, build your own and experience the thrill of sleeping in a snow cave.