Skiing Deeryard Loop

Today was a beautiful day to be out on the cross-country ski trails. The temperature was in the high 20’s and without the sun shining it wasn’t too hot. The trail wasn’t soft either so Mike and I were able to glide along at a nice pace.

The snow is deep in the woods as I quickly determined by stepping off of the trail without my skis on. I immediately sank in the snow to mid-thigh. Without snowshoes or skis a person would have a very difficult time walking in the woods anywhere right now.  Animals are a different story as there were tracks of all sorts of small critters on the surface of the snow. They have no problem staying on top. More snow was lightly falling as we skied past cedars, pines, birch and more.

As with most ski trails in Cook County we didn’t see another person on the trail. There were vehicles parked at the trailhead but with all of the loop options we didn’t encounter anyone. It’s so nice to be able to get out and explore the winter woods.

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