Silence is Good for the Heart

"Screaming children, honking traffic, the construction site next door — being constantly assaulted by the high-decibel sounds of modern-day life can make stress levels soar and heart health plummet."  Thank goodness I only have to deal with the screaming children up here at the end of the Gunflint Trail!  I never realized a person’s heart health could suffer from noise until I read this quote.  Of course it makes sense now that I read it and realize that often loud noises do make my stress level rise.  The solution they offer is as follows, "Tote a set of earplugs to deal with relentless noise or, in a pinch, just stick your fingers in your ears. Your heart will slow and your ears will feel better, too."  I would like to recommend you try a trip up to the Boundary Waters; there’s no construction and best of all no honking traffic.  It’s up to you if you want to bring children along, but I’m pretty sure the only screaming you would hear from them would be of delight;  while they are encountering a moose or other wildlife.   Paddling a canoe across a wilderness lake, setting up camp on a secluded island, and looking at the star-filled sky can only reduce stress.  Be sure to keep your fingers out of your ears so you can hear the birds sing, the peep frogs peep and the gentle call of the loon.